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I guarantee that if you have little boys, they will ask for a Star Wars party at some point in their lives!  My boys have both been totally into Star Wars in years past and this fabulous party sent to us by Debbie at Wants and Wishes Design will surely please those Star Wars lovin’ boys out there!

Debbie used “Christmas icicles” to create the feeling of outer space, with matter, particles and rocks swirling around in space – genius!  At the last minute she decided the backdrop needed a little something more, so she used a silver balloon and drew a Death Star onto it and hung it on the backdrop with a piece of tape – very smart and inexpensive too!

Debbie is a master at coming up with the most creative desserts at her parties and this one is no exception.  I also love that she chose desserts that won’t break the bank…most things can be bought at your local grocery store!  Here are the details as Debbie describes the party she threw for her nephews:

“We made mini “Death Star” chocolate pies and used these really cool slanted dishes from Crate and Barrel to display them in. For my wookie cookies…. I searched long and hard for something I thought would be wookieish… I think I found the best solution… Little Debbie’s Star Crunch cookies. This makes for an easy favor. I placed 2 into each favor. Since Star Wars is good vs evil {and we all dressed up and split between the 2 sides} I had good and evil for every treat so they could continue the acting out and battling each other. I made Stormtropper marshmallow pops that were very easy with simple shapes. We had donuts with dark matter sprinkles, Smuggler’s Delight (powder filled donuts) and Princess Leia cinnamon rolls.”

And no dessert table is complete without yummy chocolate cupcakes and candy bars wrapped in the fun printables, right?!

Lightsabors are a “must have” at any Star Wars party!  Debbie wanted something that actually glowed so she found little glow in the dark “sticks” in red, green and blue along with coordinating red and blue airheads for them to eat.  She didn’t want something sweet to drink with all of the other sweets she was serving, so water bottles were wrapped in matching labels for the boys to drink.

I love the boys all dressed up in their costumes ready to battle!

Thanks so much Debbie for sharing your party with our readers!  For more details of the party, visit Debbie’s blog post HERE.

I hope you all have found some really fun ideas for your next Star Wars party and Debbie’s party printables will make your event even better.  You can purchase them in her Etsy shop HERE.  May the force be with you!

Event styling & printables:  Wants and Wishes Design

Etsy shop:  Wants and Wishes Design

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